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Hey everyone!!!
I'M BACK~! Well, I still haven't sold off some stuff...

Leave a Comment or Send me an E-MAIL (aznmeatball03@yahoo.com) telling me which good(s) you want. I'll send you info right away.
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If you want to reserve, please leave a comment.

Payment Method:
- Paypal or Concealed cash/check at your own risk.
- prices do NOT include shipping and/or paypal fees. I will give full price once I get your address and confirmation.    
- Once I receive payment, I will send your order ASAP


Email::  aznmeatball03@yahoo.com
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I have done previous transactions, but I did not ask for feedback (stupid me ^^;;). But you can check the comments that have been left behind on my posts. All were positive so I hope that you see me as a credible seller!

From now on I wish to receive feedback on my transactions!

Buying: I have also bought many goods under my other LJ name keifuXueda. I am an honest buyer as well as seller so please...yoroshiku ne. =)

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ANIME Posters:
- All are HIGH QUALITY POSTERS! Really sturdy posters!
- Approx. Dimensions: 23 1/2 x 34 INCHES! (YES! they are really BIG!)
- Trying to find them better homes as fast as possible! PLEASE!!! BUY!!!
- ALL HAVE NEVER BEEN USED! (Sadly, some were inflicted to my baby cousin's wrath so prices will be reduced for those that have dents.)
- All are ONLY $12 USD $9.00 USD unless otherwise stated (really huge, good posters!!!)


Cardcaptor Sakura


HunterXHunter $10 USD




Naruto group 1

Naruto Group 2

Negima $7.00

One Piece $7.00

Samurai Deeper Kyo $7.00

Shaman King $7.00

Selling Goods

J-POP/ROCK/Anime Goods:

Previously Sold:
Gackt Stickers

Price: $5 US
Note: Never been taken out of plastic bag after purchase!!


Gackt Poster #1

Price: $10 US
Note: Hung up once, is Laminated. bought that way =) Great condition!


Gackt Poster #2

Price: $10 US
Hung up once, is Laminated. bought that way =) Great condition!



JE Shop Photos

$2.50 ea.  - yokoo and taipi & Akanishi Jin

Takaki Yuya Sold.

Kis-My-Ft2 Pencil Board

front Back

$8.00 - I really don't wanna let this go but I'm a poor college student...T__T


Price: $10 U.S.

notes: It's a little fringed on the right side, but I bought it that way =(. Poster is HUGE (like the anime ones) Please give it a good home ^^

NTT DoCoMo Books and Pamphlet

Promo books: $2 -Features Nagase Tomoya, Eita and other stars on the promo books.

Pamphlet: $2 - Only BoA on the pamphlet.

Sailor Moon Postcards - RARE!!!

$3 ea. or $30 for the whole set of 11 - Never used...I've had these since my childhood days ^^;;


Huge Sticker Sheets : $3 ea. (The top two are Pokemon, and the bottom is Sailor Moon. If you want a more detailed picture I can send you a larger image through e-mail)

Cute Mini Notepad: $1



From Japan

$7.00 - Heart Necklace with crystals (i can send you a closer picture)

$15 - Long necklace: this is usually used with harajuku style clothing (I can give clearer picture)

$5 - Shoe Necklace

$5 - Skull Bracelet

$4- Rose Pin - can be used on clothing of bags for decoration

$3 ea. - Flower pins/ keychains some have both pins and keychain straps.

$4 ea- Hair Extension clips

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